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Teatox : Slimming and detox news

Nouvelle année, nouveau corps: pourquoi une cure détox est idéale en janvier

La détoxification est un processus naturel par lequel le corps élimine les substances nocives. Il existe de nombreux avantages à se soumettre à une détox en début d'année, comme améliorer la digestion, renforcer le système immunitaire, perdre du poids, améliorer l'humeur et l'énergie, et prévenir les maladies. Il est important de ne pas tomber dans les erreurs courantes lors de la détox, comme trop de restrictions alimentaires, ne pas boire suffisamment d'eau, trop de stress et ne pas écouter son corps. En suivant ces conseils, vous pouvez démarrer l'année de la meilleure façon possible en vous sentant plus en forme, plus en santé et plus énergique.

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A comparison of slimming teas: how to choose the right one?

Origin of slimming teas

Ancient origins: traditional Chinese plant-based medicine

In actual fact, most slimming teas are not only teas, but rather infusions of several plants (including teas), the origins of which lie in traditional Chinese medicine, or ‘natural’ medicine.


And this combining of plants, if done properly, is what may promote weight loss.

Whether green, white, oolong, Pu’Er or black, teas carry numerous benefits. They may act as antioxidants, appetite suppressants, drainers or toxin eliminators, as well as many other things. But it would be a slight exaggeration to say that teas have an effect on weight loss.

Rather, it is solely the combining of several plants which can create a real slimming tea which will then promote weight loss.

Traditional Chinese medicine makes use of more than 10000 different plants. This is why the actual combining of plants must be carried out by professionals with a thorough knowledge of the subject.

Today, these traditional Chinese techniques are often taken up by naturopaths, who are far more likely to be found in our countries than a professor of Chinese medicine!

Advice to help you choose the right slimming tea for you

Top tip 1:

Choose a slimming tea which contains more than five different plants. It must not only contain tea. It is the combination of these plants, in their specific amounts, which will help you in your path towards weight loss. The packaging should indicate clearly the types of plant and how much of each is contained in the tea. It’s vital to know what you will be consuming!


Top tip 2:

Top tip 2: Your slimming tea must have been created by a professional natural medicine practitioner, who practices either traditional Chinese medicine or naturopathy.


Rapid development and the birth of a new trend: teatox


Since 2012, with the appearance of brands such as SkinnyMeTea in Australia and also Happy Detox Tea in France, slimming teas have become part of a more general approach towards health and wellbeing. This has led to a boom in sales of such products. The fact that they are available to buy online has enabled them to reach a more global audience, and at a rapid pace. As a result, these infusions have expanded far beyond the original markets for traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, and have now reached a new audience.


Slimming teas and teatox regimes now convey a more modern, feminine and trendy image and are associated not only with health and wellbeing but also with fitness and overall maintenance of the body.

 Happy Detox Tea_packaging

Teatox regimes give people greater control over their diet, promote physical activity and instil a greater feeling of calm in those who partake in them. They involve much more than simply drinking an infusion; they help with weight loss but also with creating a sense of wellbeing, both mental and physical.



Teatoxes generally consist of two teas and an exercise programme, as well as nutritional advice.

One of the two teas is usually a detox tea (Morning cleanse tea or Morning detox tea) to be drunk first thing in the morning, while the second is a slimming tea (Evening cleanse tea) to be drunk before you go to sleep.

This combination of detox tea and slimming tea, paired with physical exercise and diet control, produces successful results amongst consumers, as can be seen from the many ‘before and after’ photos posted on social media.



Top tip 3:

Choose a slimming tea which comes with an exercise programme and nutritional advice. A slimming tea alone will not always will bring the results you hope for. But combined with some exercise and a balanced diet, it will help you obtain the results you want and, above all, an even greater dose of wellbeing!


Slimming tea ingredients

Here are the main ingredients that can be found in the best slimming teas currently available on the market, along with the benefits they offer. It’s not an exhaustive list of ingredients and suppliers, but we’ve chosen those which seemed the most interesting and effective.

From Happy Detox Tea

Crataegus pinnatifida : Promotes digestion and burns fat

Orange peel : Promotes digestion

Cassia tora : Reduces appetite, removes toxins and combats bloating

Lotus leaves: : Help with slimming, prevent water retention and increase muscle tonus

Pogostemon cablin : Fights cellulite and water retention

Pu’Er Tea : Removes toxins and aids digestion


From SkinnyMeTea:

Senna leaf: removes toxins

Celery seeds: Help reduce water retention

Valerian: Settles the stomach and digestive system

From Teatox:

Yerba Mate: has diuretic and laxative properties.

Dandelion roots: relieve constipation and digestive problems, reduce excess cholesterol and may even combat loss of appetite.

Sencha : like all green teas, this has a positive effect on the metabolism.

Lemongrass: helps treat digestive problems


From SkinnyMint:

Ginger: aids digestion.

Lemongrass: helps treat digestive problems.

Senna leaf: removes toxins.

Psyllium: fights constipation; reduces blood cholesterol level.

Top tip 4:

Choose a slimming tea which provides full details of its ingredients. You need to know the plants it is made from, as well as their quantities.

Top tip 5:

Avoid slimming teas which have a strong laxative effect… Not only is this unpleasant, but it is also not especially effective when you are targeting medium term weight loss!


For how long must you drink slimming tea in order to see results?

Slimming regimes starting from 2 weeks in duration

Different brands of slimming tea and teatox offer programmes which range from 2 to 8 weeks in duration.

It is however advisable to follow a slimming programme for a minimum of 4 weeks in order to obtain noticeable results which will last.

Happy Detox Tea sell slimming tea as part of a 4 or 8 week programme only. As for the complete teatox however (that is, both the slimming and detox programme), Happy Detox Tea offer this starting from a minimum of 2 weeks in duration. Results can therefore be seen after 2 weeks, but it is better to go for a slimming programme, a detox programme or a teatox, that will last for a period of 4 weeks or, for best results, 8 weeks.


Can you follow a slimming programme for more than 8 weeks?

It is perfectly possibly to follow a slimming programme for more than 8 weeks. But in order to do this, you must follow the advice given under Top Tip 5, and not choose a programme which has a strong laxative effect!

With Happy Detox Tea, there is no laxative effect.

However, some people who have drunk SkinnyMeTea have reported experiencing a strong laxative effect.


Top tip 6:

We recommend that you follow a slimming tea regime for a minimum of 4 weeks or, if you wish to obtain a result that is even more noticeable, 8 weeks!


Results vary from person to person

Naturally, results will vary from person to person

Happy Detox Tea asks its customers to complete a customer satisfaction survey once they have completed a programme. More than 80% of customers have reported achieving weight loss.

And more than 75% of customers said they would order another programme, and would recommend this type of slimming tea to their family and friends!

An even greater number of people have lost weight by following the nutritional advice and doing the exercises suggested in the Happy Detox Tea nutrition and sport ebook.

To achieve convincing results, it is also vital not to forget to drink tea in the evening before going to bed! This needs to become a pleasant routine to help you finish your day in a peaceful way


Top tip 7:

To achieve a perfect result, do 15 minutes of physical activity a day. Certain people will be able to shed pounds in just one month by doing this!

Top tip 8:

Control your diet.


To recap, here are the 8 rules to follow to choose the right slimming tea for you and really lose weight:

1-Choose a slimming tea which contains more than 5 different plants.

2-Choose a slimming tea made by a professional natural medicine practitioner.

3-Choose a slimming tea which comes with an exercise programme and nutritional advice.

4-Choose a slimming tea which provides full details of its ingredients.

5-Choose a slimming tea which does not have a strong laxative effect.

6-Follow a slimming tea programme for a minimum of 4 weeks.

7-Do 15 minutes of physical activity a day during your programme.

8-Follow the nutritional advice provided in the guide which comes with your slimming tea.

Oolong tea : major ingredient of our Detox Tea

Geographical and historical origins of Oolong tea

Oolong tea also called Wulong tea is coming from Taiwan and Fujian region in China.

His name meant " Black Dragon " and comes from its shape and color. The way the leaves are rolled during the production recalls the legendary dragon.

Oolong tea probably appeared for the first time in Fujian region in China, more precisely in the area of Wuyi mountains, during the reign of the Qing Dynasty. It means at the end of 17th century or early 18th century. Specialists found some information about Oolong tea and its benefits in certain poems from that period.

Oolong tea production method

Oolong tea is produced during the months of April and May. The production follows the following steps :

The tea leaves are picked by hand

Depending on the desired quality, it will be picked more or less leaves. For very high-end teas, pickers will gently remove only the last leaf still rolled on itself. For the more traditional teas, it will be used up to 6 leaves (or even more sometimes). Taste and flavours are then very different and of course, productivity is not the same. That can explain the very high cost of some teas only made with buds.








The leaves are dried under the sun

Just after picking them, the tea leaves are exposed to the sun to make a first drying. Not to burn the leaves with a too strong sun, producers regularly protect them with a net, as you can see in the picture below.

The tea leaves are dried indoors, on trays

After spending a few hours in the sun, the leaves are spread on large willow trays. Drying will then continue from a few hours to a complete night. The leaves are then stored in a fairly well ventilated area protected from the sun.

The leaves are slightly broken to promote oxidation

One major step in the manufacture of tea is the oxidation. This step mainly explains the tea flavours and its color.
Oxidation occurs when the inner part of the leaf is in contact with air. To promote such contact, it is necessary to break the leaf.
It is therefore easy to understand that the more you break the leaf and left it in contact with air, more the tea is oxidized. More the tea is oxidized, more it is black. If the leaf is not broken and not in contact with air, it will not be oxidized. And we obtain white teas.
In the case of Oolong tea, oxidation depends on the producers ( from 15 % up to about 75%). In our case, oxidation is intermediate.

The leaves are dried in order to stop the oxidation

To stop the oxidation phenomenon, the tea leaves are then dried.


The leaves are then rolled and dried several times to give them their final form but also to permanently stop oxidation.

This operation can take place dozens of times. The photo below with the tea ball is specific to Oolong tea production. The steps for oolong tea production are slightly more numerous than in the case of a traditional teas.

The leaves are finally sorted to ensure quality

At the end of the process, the leaves are sorted but they can also be rolled manually to ensure a desired characteristic shape.

Oolong tea benefits

Oolong tea is particularly recognized in China but also in the rest of the world for its effects on digestion and for its ability to promote weight loss and thinness.

  Oolong tea is a strong antioxidant
  Oolong tea lowers Cholesterol
  Oolong tea promotes fat burning
  Oolong tea lowers sugar levels in the blood
  Oolong tea reduces stress and has a relaxing effect
 Oolong tea cuts hunger

Oolong Tea : Taste and flavour

Oolong tea gives rise to a blue/green liqueur with very characteristic aromas and flavours. It is a mild tea with flower aromas and sweet notes which can often remind caramel.
For your information, this tea is also quite low in caffeine.
Find Oolong tea in our  Detox teas Happy Detox Tea! As always, we want to offer you detox and slimming teas with taste and pleasant aromas. This is the main commitment of the Happy Detox Tea team.

For the record, note that the selected producer you can see in this article, is the one which tea had been selected to make a gift to Barack Obama during his last visit to China. It was then a Oolong Organic Fujian flavored with honey produced within the tea gardens. And I will not deny that it is excellent!

Launch of the Anti-Aging and Energy Boost teas from Happy Detox Tea

Just over a year after the launch of the website, specialising in detox and slimming regimes based around teas and plants descended from traditional Chinese medicine, customers will be able to take advantage of two new creations, with the launch of the brand’s Anti-Age and Energy Boost teas.


These new teas from Happy Detox Tea combine knowledge originating in traditional Chinese medicine with that gathered through more recent research on plants, notably on their antioxidant properties and also on nutricosmetics.


These teas are mainly aimed at women, who understand today that wellbeing and beauty are maintained from the inside just as much as from the outside.


The anti-age tea draws its benefits from white tea from the Fujian region of China (this is the tea with the greatest antioxidant properties), from Chinese hawthorn which helps fight against the lack of firmness and the loss of density of the skin, and from Greater Burdock and its strong hydrating properties.

Anti-Aging tea Happy Detox Tea

This anti-aging tea fights against the signs left by time on the skin but also acts on the tonus of the hair.


The Energy-Boost tea has a base of black tea from Guizhou province which is known for being rich in theine, Chinese dates (jujube), known for their energising powers, goji berries, which promote endurance, Greater Burdock, which has great detoxing properties, and Ginseng, which carries countless benefits and which has been considered for many years in Asia as a universal remedy!

The Energy-Boost tea has also been created to help reduce stress and anxiety in order to make consumers feel as full of energy as possible.

Energy-boost tea Happy Detox Tea

In order to form part of an overall healthy lifestyle, these teas, to be consumed in a 4 or 8-week programme, always come with an exercise programme and nutritional advice created by professional coaches. The exercise programmes are suitable both for beginners and those more accustomed to doing sport: they offer daily 15-minute sessions of exercises that will work the main muscle groups and thus promote tonus and vitality, whilst also contributing to toning up the body. The Happy Detox Tea e-book also presents some programmes which are recognised be nutritionists as being the most effective when looking for vitality and balance on a daily basis.


These infusions have been created exclusively for Happy Detox Tea by a Chinese professor who is an expert in the tea from the town of Xiamen (Fujian – China).