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Anti-cellulite cup – how does it work?

The principle behind your anti-cellulite suction pad is to allow you to recreate the subdermal tissue style of massage easily and in your own home. It helps fight against all types of cellulite, specifically targeting fatty deposits.

Principle of the subdermal tissue massage using the anti-cellulite suction pad

Your anti-cellulite suction pad helps you recreate the subdermal tissue massage that you can have in a salon. It sucks the skin, which improves the circulation in the body’s tissues in order to get rid of cellulite more effectively.
Suction pads create a vacuum. Moving this vacuum shifts the fatty deposits from places where the body is in stasis, that is where there is the stagnant accumulation of waste water. This breaking of the fatty tissues stimulates the blood and lymph circulation.
This therefore produces a draining effect and eliminates toxins, an effect which lasts even after the body massage is finished.
Another advantage of these anti-cellulite suction pads is that they also help to diminish the feeling of ‘heavy legs’ and swelling because they stimulate the circulation.

How the anti-cellulite suction pad works

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How to use your anti-cellulite suction pad - Cupping massage

Apply your moisturising cream or massage oil to the area where you will be using your suction pad. The suction pad should slide along your skin.

Get the air out of the suction pad by pinching it with your fingers.

Whilst retaining the pressure on the suction pad, place it on the area you will be massaging.

Once the suction pad has been placed in contact with your skin, release the pressure with your fingers. Your skin is now sucked in to the suction pad and the removal of fatty deposits can begin.

Massage the zone you wish to tone up, making circular movements. Do this for 1 minute.

Slide the suction pad from the bottom to the top of the area you are stimulating. Once it reaches the top, unstick the suction pad and repeat the movement. Do this for 3 minutes. Note: be careful not to make ‘down-up-down’ movements.

Once you have finished treating this area, get air back into the suction pad in order to unstick it from your skin.

Areas that can be massaged using the anti-cellulite suction pad

Tackle all the areas where you have cellulite:

  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Outer hip and thigh area
  • Stomach
  • Arms

For how long and how often should you use your anti-cellulite suction pad?

You must use your anti-cellulite suction pad every day and for at least 5 minutes per area. You will then notice a change after two to three weeks. It all depends on the type of cellulite, that is whether it is a substantial amount and whether it is deep set.

Results you can expect after the cupping therapy

If you have massaged correctly using your anti-cellulite suction pad, you will probably see redness afterwards. This is a good sign and shows that the blood and lymph circulation have been boosted.
You may also feel a warm sensation after using the suction pad. This is a symptom of the draining which is occurring in your body. This will last for several hours after the massage.
For further results, you will need to combine use of your suction pad with a healthy diet, like the one we propose in our sport and nutrition e-book.
It is also necessary to drink lots of water and, of course, teas from Happy Detox Tea, as they aid slimming and detoxing and will therefore magnify the results. And finally, to obtain the body you want and deserve, don’t forget the exercise programme created by our coach: physical activity dislodges fatty deposits and liquefies them even quicker.