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For a successful teatox, and to achieve your slimming and detox goals, we send you when you order your teas an e-book with some diets recognized by nutritionists as the most effective in the search for weight loss and thinness.

we present four 
major diets known for their balance and their effectiveness when followed

The Vegetarian Diet

The Paleolitic Diet

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

The Zone Diet

At Happy Detox Tea, we are not suggesting a specific diet. We just want to give you enough information so you can choose whichever suits you best from the most effective and balanced diets.

In addition to these plans, we wish to remind you of some major food principles that you need to follow during your teatox. These principles are divided into two parts:

Mistakes to avoid

Tips to follow

Choose and monitor your diet, follow our tips and you will achieve your goals in detox and slimming!

The Happy Detox Tea team wants to guide you step by step in your quest for well-being, balance, vitality and slimming! But success comes from within you!