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Teatox : How does it work?

Depending on your goals, your motivation and your time, you should first choose the length of your Teatox: from 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

It’s then very simple, a successful teatox is based on three cornerstones.


Drinking your Happy Detox Tea

Drinking your Happy Detox Tea

  • Follow our tips for the moments of consumption of your teas!
  • The plants contained in our teas have effects adapted to certain times of the day.
  • For example detox tea is taken in the morning because it brings energy and vitality while slimming tea will be consumed in the evening because it promotes sleep and relaxation.

Regular exercise adapted to your body

  • We invite you to follow an exercise programme contained in the ebook Happy Detox Tea, it is sent by email after your order.
  • This programme is developed in collaboration with our trainer and nutrition specialist. In this e-book you will find different programme options to follow for the duration of your teatox.
  • Choose the one you think best suits you and most importantly, follow it!
  • Giving your body 15 minutes of exercise a day is a necessary investment. You will not regret it!
Regular exercise adapted to your body
Follow a healthy balanced diet

Follow a healthy balanced diet

  • Find out in the Happy Detox Tea ebook tips for adopting a healthy and balanced diet.
  • We do not advocate a particular plan. We just want to give you enough information so that you can choose the one that suits you best among the most effective diets.
  • For each day of your teatox, it gives you the key to creating balanced and healthy meals. It will help you achieve your slimming goals and improve your vitality!


A word from the team

We want to accompany you step by step in your quest for well-being, balance, vitality and thinness!
But success is in you!