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Green tea anti-aging mask: how does it work?

Face masks originate from Asia (more specifically from Korea). This ancestral ritual helps women to keep their skin looking beautiful, maintain a clear complexion and fight aging.
In Korea, this ritual, known as layering, involves the application onto the skin of seven products in succession to ensure your skin stays perfectly radiant!
In order to heighten the benefits of applying these products onto the skin, women started applying the product onto their face using a piece of fabric in order to make sure the ingredients penetrated the skin more effectively!
Thus, the idea of creating masks made from cotton fabric pre-soaked in serum was born. It is these masks that you find today in individual packets to make them even easier to use, and this is without doubt what has led to their success and popularity today.

Key benefits of sheet masks:

 Help give a radiant complexion.
 Help to fight wrinkles.
 Help to fight loss of density and slackening of the skin.
 Fight against deterioration and drying of the skin.
 Fight against the appearance of blemishes on the skin.

Sheet masks give results similar to those you can expect from a beauty salon treatment.

Tips for different uses:

Sheet masks are to be used at an ambient temperature but you can also apply them:

Cold: after having been placed in the fridge briefly, the masks will give an effect that is even more invigorating and ultra-fresh!

Hot: you can heat them gently in a bain-marie whilst still in their packet (but not in the microwave, of course) for an extreme relaxing effect! Be very careful not to burn yourself!

The plus points of sheet masks :

They are super hygienic: unlike the face masks you can buy in a pot and which can become unclean over time after use, their packaging and the fact they are designed for one single use make them the ultimate in hygiene.

They contain the perfect proportion of ingredients: their cotton fibres are perfectly and uniformly soaked in serum which means that their contents will be distributed evenly onto your face. The fibre also adapts perfectly to the contours of your face and neck to ensure an optimum result!

They are practical: for travelling, holidays, business trips, you can take them anywhere. They don’t take up space, can withstand bumps and are there to give both your skin and mood a boost!

They are effective: they are just as effective as a mask treatment you could get from a beauty salon, but at a fraction of the price!

Ingredients and benefits of our masks:

  • Green tea extract: Natural antioxidant and anti-aging effect
  • Hyaluronic acid: Provides maximum hydration of the skin
  • Vitamin C: Has a restorative effect on the skin
  • Cucumber extract:Promotes radiance, regulates and purifies the skin
  • Vitamin E :Has an anti-aging effect on the skin
  • Angelica root extract:Has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, fights blemishes and imperfections

How often must you use them?

The masks must be used once a week for normal use or twice a week as part of a 4 or 8-week regime.

How to use Happy Detox Tea masks:

Masque étape 1

Step 1: Wash your face and don’t forget to wash your neck too. Afterwards, let your skin dry because face masks are more effective on a clean, dry face.

Masque étape 2

Step 2: Get the mask out of the packet, unfold it and apply it onto your face and neck.

Masque étape 3

Step 3: Leave it to do its work for 20-25 minutes and relax! Once you’ve applied your mask, try not to move your face too much, lie down, close your eyes and relax!

Masque étape 4

Step 4: Remove the mask and apply the serum found in the second compartment of the pack. Pay special attention to areas where wrinkles appear.

Masque étape 5

Step 5: Rinse your face gently with tepid water in order to get rid of the excess serum. Never rub your skin hard.

We have selected masks which are among the most effective on the market, so all that’s left for you to do now is try them out!

Whether used on their own or in accompaniment with our anti-aging tea, they will help you fight effectively against the signs of aging and to keep your skin beautiful and glowing!