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Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. For optimal results, it is important to follow the nutrition and sports tips contained in our "Detox and Slimming" ebook.



«I started the 28 days morning and evening teatox cure about 3 weeks ago, so I am able to tell you a little more about this tea. The detox tea in the morning limits the bloating effect, reduces fatigue and improves tone. I think the effect that has struck me the most is the fight against the feeling of hunger. The evening slimming tea eliminates toxins and promotes digestion and relaxation as well as sleep. »


«After parties, birthdays, etc. and to prepare for the summer, it is high time to do a detox treatment for the body, and it's done with #happydetoxtea tea in the morning, another in the evening and a guide to physical exercises and nutrition tips, all you need to have beautiful results.»


«How to keep fit? With this anti-cellulite program that includes "morning detox tea & evening detox tea" made with all natural ingredients!»


« Very good evening slimming tea and morning detox tea »

Caroline - 30- Paris

« I practice sport regularly but could not lose my love handles and some belly. After 28 days of Teatox I lost 2.5 kg, and my love handles are gone! I lost a size and I feel good to enjoy the summer in a bikini! I find both teas very good and I really enjoy those two relaxing moment in the day.»

Victoria - 23 - Montpellier

« I wanted to lose some weight and I opted for the 2 x 28-day Slimming Tea programme. Result: I lost 4kg during the period without doing too much the sport exercises! »


«Because I do not separate even on vacation my detox cure by @happydetoxtea for 3 weeks now, 100% natural ingredients (the base !!). I chose the boost formula, to boost the metabolism waking every morning. Accompanied by an ebook with sports program and nutritional program in addition. I am absolutely a fan.»


« What's better after the holiday season, to start a small detox cure?!? »

Tatsiana M. - Paris 25

« My name is Tatsiana and I'm 25 years old. I measure 1m73 and I was still 68.9 kg in May 2016. Today (on the 23rd of July 2016), I am 59.1 kg, which represents a loss of almost 10 kilos in two months.
I took a lot of weight since I was 17 (I was 55 kilos at that time) when I stopped the sport. From 10 to 17, I was very sporty, with more than 5 sessions per week and competitions on weekends.
The problem is that when I was still sporty, I ate a lot ... And once I stopped the sport, I continued to eat the same way (I didn’t adjust my calorie intake by eating less after I stopped the sport).
I really started to realize that I needed to lose weight a year ago but I could not find the motivation to go on a diet.
Then I discovered Happy Detox Tea through a friend and I decided to seriously lose weight last May.
I decided to start a Teatox 8 weeks and I have scrupulously followed the sports program and also followed a diet proposed in the e-book.
The results were rapid
I love the benefits of my weight loss on my figure. My face is not puffy, my legs are lighter and breathlessness is much rarer. My stomach is greatly thinned and allows me to wear jeans and other clothing accessories closer to the body.
But my mind also became stronger, and I appreciate this improvement as much as the virtues visible on my body. I became less complexed, more confident of my body image, more sociable and happy!
What's great is that I fulfilled both physically and mentally with just a 2 months teatox. And to be honest, now, I can not do without the detox tea and slimming tea, they are part of my daily life!»


«For this end of the season, I'm doing a cure of Energy Boost Tea from @happydetoxtea, a tea designed to give a boost of energy especially in times of moral and physical fatigue. It is also called the sportsman's tea for these different virtues and its composition of black tea, jujube, goji berry, ginseng...»


«I started my detox tea cure @happydetoxtea a few days ago and I confess to you, that at the beginning, it was quite strange because I had never had tea before, and I had trouble to appreciate it .. Finally I very quickly took taste and pleasure, from the second day and I really like this new ritual. This cure lasts 14 days, one sachet in the morning before or during the breakfast, and one in the evening after the meal. The anti-bloating effects and the feeling of well being are immediate! You also receive a nutritional and sports program in the form of e-book by email accompanying the cure. (I admit, I have not started the exercises yet) Nevertheless I look forward to seeing the results at the end of this cure, I will give you my final opinion of course. For now I am 100% satisfied.»


«The 4-week teaox cure will allow you to purify your body and thus increase your vitality and tone. These detox cures with tea and herbs are 100% natural. They are also accompanied by programs developed by sports coaches and nutritionists to offer you the best results for your body and enroll them in a long-term approach!»

Johanna A. - 27 - Paris

« Happy Detox Tea completely met my expectations. Before starting my teatox, I felt myself constantly bloated and had lost some confidence in me. I opted for the morning & evening Teatox 4 weeks and after a few days I started to notice changes. After 14 days, I had a flat stomach and did not feel bloated any longer. After 4 weeks, I lost 4kg and I assume my body! I highly recommend the formula TeaTox not only because the results are there, but also because it helps to have a healthier life. Now, I'm exercising and pay more attention to what I eat. »


«I finished the detox cure @happydetoxtea. Pleasantly surprised by the taste. Since I play a lot of sports, I did not follow the sports program included in the pack. But I loved the nutrition ebook, full of good ideas. The main effects I felt on me: • tea of the day: more energy and tone, cut hunger, better digestion. • evening tea: better digestion and better sleep. This cure is really back in my routine. I think to redo one in a few months.»


«Nothing abnormal to get in shape for sunny days with the cure @happydetoxtea.»


«I found the 2 bags with detox and slimming teas very convenient and resealable easily! Good point for hygiene. I liked the fact that it is bagged to fit directly in my cups by pouring my hot water. My bloating has decreased. I drank a lot more than usual. My form remained happy. Sleep was less agitated.»


«I am almost 1 week from my detox @happydetoxtea cure and I must admit that I feel good in my body. It will allow me to cleanse the body, strengthen my immune system and increase my vitality and tone.»

Romain - 40 – Dubai

« Happy Detox Tea programmes are not just for women! I just got out of a 28 days cure with Happy Detox Tea and I lost 4kg. I respected the Paleo diet presented in the programme because it fits my lifestyle and my tastes. I also followed the sports programme for 4 weeks at five times a week between 15 and 30 minutes of exercise. I feel today drier and more toned. I feel that I've lost fat and have strengthened my muscles. This is visible in the mirror but also in my clothes. And now I miss my detox tea in the morning and my slimming tea at night! I will soon start a second cure. »

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